Blocked Sewerage Solutions can successfully reline all piping after clearing blockages
Pipe relining saves homeowners and businesses on performing expensive demolitions

When a commercial site is facing pipe problems, it’s ideal that the resolution is as non-invasive as possible. That way, significant damage to business assets and impacts to operations can be avoided.

This is especially important for shopping centres, education facilities, hospitals, aged care facilities, council infrastructure, Government Departments and multi-story units with multiple residents living in them. When there is no option of delaying the works, you must get started promptly and with as little impact as possible.

Major interruptions can have massive inconveniences to commercial tenants, especially over an extended period, not to mention the potential costs this would involve.

Our team follow a standard procedure and begin with a camera inspection, so we’re able to get a comprehensive view of the problem inside of the pipe or identifies a problem area. This enables us to identify if a sewer line is nearing the end of its life.

The costs to completely replace sewer lines can be significant, and not to mention time-consuming. Many people still think it’s impossible to replace a sewer line without digging. We no longer need to remove all fixtures, wall and floor tiles, cut up concrete slabs just to excavate and remove the existing pipe work and return it to its former glory. With pipe relining, all of this can be avoided, repairing the pipes in less than half the time with very little intrusion.

At the end of each job, our Blocked Sewerage Solutions experts will run the CCTV camera back through the pipes ensuring everything is in perfect working order and provide the client with CCTV recorded footage to inspect. Blocked Sewerage Solutions Cairns can identify and repair without digging, leaving the pipes better than new with up to a 50 year warranty offering a NO dig NO destruction solution.



Blocked Drain
Blocked Sewerage Solutions Cairns can save you from expensive and unnecessary demolitions.
Blocked Sewerage
Our investment in high-tech equipment empowers us to identify and remove blockages.
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