Blocked Sewerage Solutions Cairns discover incredible blockages
It’s impressive to see how nature can overtake the most premium plumbing installs over time
Broken Junction repair for our valued clients

When we received a call from our valued client about ongoing issues with blockages, we attended the site, cleared the blockage and then carried out our CCTV inspection.

Going down the shaft with our CCTV footage for the house drain and inspecting the problem, we identified that the junction that comes from the house drain had a reduced opening on the shaft as well as tree root entry.

This section of junction was leaning backwards and causing the junction to sit proud inside the drain. The section of the house drain is sitting lower than the said junction.

Blocked Sewerage Solutions pushed our CCTV camera forward in order to see the drain is holding water due to the junction sitting backwards.

Blocked Sewerage Solutions used the required tools to open up the radius on the shaft, we did the same from the house branch side. We removed the section of junction that was broken and sitting proud causing the blockages and installed our Nuflow Blue Line junction. The throat opening is 100% open now from the house drain and no more junction protruding and catching the blockages.

An example of the importance of having a drainage technician that has all the correct tools required to clear and camera inspect your blocked drains.

If you have ever had a blocked drain before you know it can be very frustrating, inconvenient and costly especially if for example your sewer line decided to back up which seems to happen a lot over the most expensive times like weekends or after hours.

When a blockage happens, and you engage your plumber it is very important you have engaged a plumber with the correct required tools to save you both time and money. The importance of having an experienced technician with all the required tools and equipment will be the difference between having your blockage cleared correctly the first time. This includes having a drain cleaner to firstly clear the blockage so that the water level drop’s enough for the next important piece of equipment. The drain camera can then be installed to view and identify the problem that caused the blockage in the first place.

The camera in combination with the drain cleaner and the trained technician can then use both pieces of equipment to confirm the blockage is properly cleared thus buying you time to work on the next stage of repairing the damaged section of pipe.

The camera will also allow the plumber to track the exact location of the broken section of pipe with the aid of a tracking transmitter located on the camera head. With the video for this project it showcases why it is important to have all the required equipment to properly clear a blocked drain the first time, every time.

The average day in the life of a plumber. Sewer explosion included.

Warning: Probably not a good idea to watch if you’re eating!

Still always a joy to see the sewer explosion which indicates the blockage is cleared.
On this blockage, the overflowing sewer was causing the sewer to back up and come out into the bathroom.

Blockage cleared and bathroom back in operation again.

CCTV inspected, roots identified, removed and pipe relined

Our valued client was in a bit of a panic today due to a blockage causing sewage to back up into the caravan park male bathroom amenities. Both an inconvenience to the residents, as well as a health hazard that needed addressing urgently.

Our team attended the site and carried out initial inspection which involved clearing the obstruction, then installing a CCTV camera which identified the problem as heavy tree roots in an old, not in use junction.

We then used our specialised tools to clear the tree roots before then installing our relining product, which has now given this older clay sewer pipe, a new lease on life.

Tree roots will not return to this section of pipe as they are no match for the Nuflow Blueline relining products.

Nuflow is proudly an Australian owned and manufactured relining product.

Call Blocked Sewerage Solutions Cairns with any blocked or broken pipes for fast, efficient and professional service.

NO DIG, NO DESTRUCTION pipe relining repairs

Pipe relining job on a badly damaged sewer line located under a retaining wall and on an embankment.

This sewer pipe was both badly tree root damaged including being crushed and misaligned.
With the use of our relining tools, we were able to inspect the pipe and carry out pipe rehabilitation, in preparation for NO DIG, NO DESTRUCTION pipe relining repairs.



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